Xenon Fiber System

they/them (collectively)

Disabled, fat, queer, trans, otherkin, punk, anarchist, plural.

We are a collective of artists and sysops.

The first icon listed below is Dialup Express, an assortment of internet services hosted over a 100000 Kbps connection. The second icon listed below is Red Onyx Music, a queer netlabel.

A blue, right-pointing triangle with an arch cut out of the center. Pixel art of a cut, red gem, meant to resemble red onyx.

If you want to encrypt an email or other message for us, this is our PGP public key.

PGP Fingerprint: 089F 43A9 4892 176A 55AC B5F2 380D 8D6C 955E 8A82

OMEMO Fingerprints:

EDBD1BD0 1F991B12 FD2360AC A869EFC5 ECA6DA5D 6A14CB66 87FCD8AC 14404B7A (Desktop)

421A1D7E B1004902 A1E10A09 6C1CBEBD 8FBB7417 9B27289D 5878057C 0DBAA874 (Mobile)

A very fat, raccoon cat lady, with creamy-brown fur, and pink hair down to her shoulders. She's wearing a midi-dress, and standing with her cane. Her eyes are a light green, and her dress is an light blue.

Portrait by Mirina.


Slox (they/he) 💙

Goat (he/him) 🖤

Freya Dragon (she/her) 💎

Freya Raccooncat (she/her) 💜

Clementine Shark (he/him) 🍊

Demon Dog (he/it) 🔥

Cherry Opossum (she/her) 🌸

Denise Hyena (she/her) <3

Reference Sheets

Trans pride flag (Blue, pink, white, pink, blue) Rainbow pride flag (Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) Greysexual pride flag (Purple, grey, white, grey, purple) Anarchist circle-A symbol on a black flag Pirate flag. Skull and crossbones on a black flag

First 2 flags, last flag, and favicon based on Mutant Standard.

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