Xenon Fiber System

they/them (collectively)

Hi! We're a disabled, fat, queer, polyam, trans, otherkin, plural system! We're a slime fox, demon goat, dragon, raccoon cat, shark, demon dog, and opossum!

We variety stream on Twitch, and also make music when we're in the mood for it (3 NYOP EPs, 1 single).

We're currently running Dialup Express, a closed-reg PeerTube instance focused on creating a safe, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist space. We also started up a queer netlabel called Red Onyx Music.

A blue play button, with an oval cut out in the center. Pixel art of a cut, red gem, meant to resemble red onyx.

If you want to encrypt an email or other message for us, this is our PGP public key.

PGP Fingerprint: 089F 43A9 4892 176A 55AC B5F2 380D 8D6C 955E 8A82

OMEMO Fingerprints:

7EDDB0D9 802BCCBE A986701B 798F4D18 C7B3F153 26453E0A DCA4C8E9 E4D8C907 (Desktop)

B8175061 299EC919 4F73F9EE 90DED6E6 9A234395 B58845AC 9AEC443D 2ABF0745 (Mobile)

FE4DF297 AF5E05F4 4D9E22D2 AC8CA9C0 40A2FA44 2D430C84 12D0FF87 FC719D2F (Laptop)

A very fat, bipedal, dragon lady wearing half-lens reading glasses. Her main color is yellow, with the front of her neck being pink. Her shorter hair is also pink. She's wearing a blue, floor-length dress, posing comfortably with her walking cane. The dress drapes over her fat figure, and her body is adorned with quite a lot of gold and sapphire jewelry.

Individual Pronouns

Slox(taur)/Fox (they/she) ๐Ÿ’™

Demon Goat (he/him) ๐Ÿ–ค

Freya Dragon (she/her) ๐Ÿ’œ

Freya Raccooncat (she/her) ๐Ÿ’œ

Shark (he/him [or she/her]) ๐Ÿงก

Demon Dog (she/her) ๐Ÿค

Cherry Opossum (she/her) โค๏ธ

Twimoji fox styled to look like slime fox me. Blue instead of orange, black ear outlines, and two industrial piercings on the right ear. Trans pride flag (Blue, pink, white, pink, blue) Rainbow pride flag (Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) Queer anarchist flag (Two triangles, pink and black) Anarchist communist flag (Two triangles, black and red) Circle-A anarchy symbol

Fox based on Twemoji and made by Una. First 2 flags on Mutant Standard.

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