We're a plural system. We share our memories and consciousness, but form our own individualities. We like being out on our own, but we can also co-front for rapid switching and affection. We all respond to 'Xenon Fiber', and we're currently using 'they/them' as catch-all pronouns. If you know who's fronting, we prefer our specific names and pronouns being used.

Slime Fox(taur)/Fox

A very fat slime fox demigirl. She's wearing a brown flannel. The background is a non-binary pride flag.

Icon by Mika.

πŸ’™: (they/she) Hey, y'all! I'm a slox(taur)/fox enby lady. I'm 5'8" and weight 390~ pounds. My slime is a light-blue, and my hair is dark-blue. When I'm a meat fox, I'm either similarly colored, or have a similar coloration to a red fox, but blue, and my hair is brown. I like wearing flannels and overalls, and lounging in boxers or a bath robe. I let my belly hang down the front of my pants when I tuck in my shirt, rather than tucking my belly into my pants. I usually wear a flannel shirt under my overalls, but not all the time; they cover me up well enough without one.

Reference Sheet

Demon Goat

A very fat demon goat boy. He has very light, grey fur, light blue hair, muzzle, ears, and eyes, and dark blue horns. The background is orange.

Icon by Mika.

πŸ–€: (he/him) Hey, I'm a demon goat. I'm 6'4" and weigh 465~ pounds. I have a light-grey coat, with blue hair and highlights. My horns, ears, eyes, muzzle, arms, and claws all have the blue highlighting. I don't actually like wearing clothes, and I haven't decided which outfits I prefer. I'm a boy.

Freya Dragon/Raccoon Cat

A very fat, dragon lady, with primarily yellow scales, pink neck scales, and pink hair down to her shoulders. The rest of her is covered with a icy-blue, sequined, cocktail dress. She's wearing a ring on her left horn, and a necklace. A very fat, dragon lady, with primarily yellow scales, and pink scales running from her neck, to her belly, to her tail. She's lounging on a black couch, drinking wine, and wearing a purple skirt. She's also wearing three gold rings on her horn, two gold necklace, three gold rings on her left claw, and three gold rings on her claw feet.

Art by Me.

πŸ’œ: (she/her) I'm a raccoon cat hybrid and dragon lady! My form as a dragon can either be bipedal or quadrupedal. I have faded, grey-purple horns, and my eye-whites are a lighter blue than my iris. My height as a biped is 7'2", but I'm even bigger as a quadruped. Bigger than a truck, but not as big as a travel trailer. You could probably fit quadruped-me into a hauling trailer, but it'd be a tight fit. My weight as a biped is 484~ pounds, but I couldn't even guess what it'd be as a quadruped. I like to pair skirts and flowy cocktail dresses with my dragon form, and cute necklaces are fun too.

A very fat, raccoon cat lady, with creamy-brown fur, and pink hair down to her shoulders. She has her paw on her face, and she's looking to her left. Her eyes and dress are an icy blue.

Icon by Mika.

As a raccoon cat, I'm 5'4" and weigh 360~ pounds. My fur is light-brown and creamy-brown, and my hair is pink.

Freya Dragon Reference Sheet

Freya Raccooncat Reference Sheet (CW: Explicit Nudity)

Clementine Shark

A very fat shark boy, blushing hard and looking embarassed. He's blue-grey and white, with brown, shoulder-length hair. His eyes are green. He's wearing a yellow sundress, and a sun hat with a pink ribbon.

Icon by Mika.

🧑: (he/him (and she/her too)) Hi. I'm a 6' shark, and weigh 430~ pounds. I'm blue-grey and white, and have thick, brown hair past my shoulders. I see myself as a boy, and I'm very feminine. I like bright, flowy dresses, and prefer to have my tail sticking out from the bottom, rather than through a hole. Sundresses are my favorites, and I love pairing them with big sun hats. I also like swim dresses and two-piece swimsuits. If I can find a inflatable chair that can hold me, I'll relax on it, but I don't like swimming. Don't be afraid to describe me with words like, 'pretty,' 'beautiful,' 'wife,' etc., if you want.


Reference Sheet

Demon Dog

A fat demon dog. Her hair is brown, along with her fur. She has darker brown patches, and smaller creamy brown patches. Her horns are dark grey and sharp, and her irises are bright red. She's showing her sharp teeth in a smile, looking away from the camera. She's wearing a white tank top.

Icon by Mika.

🀍: (she/her) I'm a demon dog, and a trans lady. I'm 6'7", 330 pounds. My fur is brown, and I have glowing, bright-red irises. My hair is shorter, and dark brown. I'm not only a hot, fat, trans, demon dog lady, but also a hot, fat, trans, shark lady. As a shark, my height, weight, hair, and eyes are the same, and my smooth, shark skin is a silvery color. I don't mind being nude, but I go out in jeans, a t-shirt, and jacket. My breasts are small, and I usually just don't wear a bra.

Cherry Opossum/Robot Bunny

A headshot of a fat, little, opossum lady. She has wavy, reddish-brown hair down to her shoulders, blue eyes, and greyish fur. She's wearing an open, pink shirt, and has eyeshadow and mascara on.

Icon by Mika.

πŸ’š: (she/her) Hi! I'm an opossum lady or robot bunny.

As an opossum, I'm 5'0", and my weight is about 340~ pounds. I'm a fat, little lady! Some clothes I like are open flannels, cardigans, skirts, and jeans, and I prefer to have my belly showing (I'll usually still wear a sports bra). I prefer panties over other kinds of underwear. My hair is longer, and is a mix of brown and red. Similarly colored fur is also present under my navel, down to my crotch. I've also got a particularly big and bappy tail.

A very fat, four-foot tall, robot bunny lady. She is waving, smiling, and holding a strawberry ice cream cone. Her eyes and nose are a display, and most of her body has a soft layer that acts as a robotic analog to fat.

Art by Me.

As a robot bunny, I'm 4'0" tall, but my weight is harder for me to estimate. 'Much heavier than slimmer, four-foot, metal robots' is the best I can do.

I have a mechanical-looking chassis interally, but most of the outer layer of my body is a kind of robotic fat analog. I'm entirely waterproof, too. I eat regular food to convert that into fuel, but I could also eat anything compostable. I break down food chemically, similar to a biological organism. This also means my body is warm to the touch.

My eyes and nose are on a low-resolution OLED display, and are shown as minimalistic. I can only display the color white. I also have drooping ears that act as RF antennae.

From my chest to my elbows and knees, I have a thick, jelly-like layer contained within a pierce-resistant coating. This acts as both long-term power storage and protection for my internal components. Plus, I’m nice and soft for anyone who wants to snuggle. It’s white, barely transparent, and glows a little. Robots can be fat too <3

I can sleep if I want, but I don’t need to do it quite as often. When I sleep, my body does maintenance on itself. I’m able to dream too <3

I'm cute <3 <3