We're a plural system. "Xenon Fiber System" is our system name, and we use they/them as group pronouns. If you know who's fronting, our specific names and pronouns should be used.


A very fat, blue slime fox. They're wearing a brown flannel under blue overalls and brown boots. They have moobs, not boobs, which have never been estrogenated..

Art by Slox

๐Ÿ’™: (they/he) Hi! I'm a real fat slox(taur)/fox creacher. I'm 5'8" and weigh somewhere over 400 pounds. My slime fur is a light blue, and my slime hair is a dark blue. When I'm a meat fox, I have a similar coloration pattern to a red fox, but blue, and my hair either is a brown or a dark blue. I like flannel and jeans, and flannel and overalls, but I have a soft spot for just wearing bath robes. I let my belly hang down the front of my pants when I tuck in my shirt, rather than tucking it all into my pants.

I like having "masculine" terms used for me, but referring to me neutrally isn't bad either.

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Twimoji fox styled to look like slime fox me. Blue instead of orange, black ear outlines, and two industrial piercings on the right ear.

Fox based on Twemoji and made by Una.


Front view of a very fat goat guy. He has short blue hair and a greyish-white coat. His ears are floppy.

Art by Goat

๐Ÿ–ค: (he/him) Hey, I'm a fat goat guy. I'm 6'2" and weigh somewhere approaching 500 pounds. I have a light-grey/white coat, with blue hair and highlights. My horns, ears, eyes, muzzle, arms, and claws all have the blue highlighting. I wear a lot of blue, usually in the form of a cozy hoodie. I also wear sweatpants sometimes, but I wear less clothing when I can. I like being being described with "masculine" language (male, guy, dude, handsome, etc.).

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Freya Dragon

A drawing of a proudly obese dragoness. She is wearing a sequined, golden, floor-length dress and holding a martini. She has reading glasses with a chain and an assortment of gold jewelry with diamond and sapphire gemstones. She appears to be in conversation. The background consists of a maintained line of bushes and the night sky with a full moon. A proudly obese, quadrupedal dragoness holding a glass of wine and looking back. She's overly adorned with gold jewelry bejeweled with sapphire and diamond. She has reading glasses with a chain.

Art by Freya Dragon

๐Ÿ’Ž: (she/her) Hello, I am a dragoness. I am either bipedal or quadrupedal. I have faded, grey-purple horns, and my eye-whites are a lighter blue than that of my iris. My height is 7'2" as a biped, 11' as a quadruped.

I love cocktail dresses and other more formal/evening dresses, and when it comes to length, I always prefer maxi. Covering up tends to only be limited to my usual attire; I look absolutely stunning in a two-piece swimsuit and my sleepwear. I also enjoy heavily adorning my body with as much jewelry as I can wear, including in less usual locations, such as on my horns and clawfeet.

I and others may occasionally describe me using the term, 'obese.' This is because I've reclaimed it for myself, and use it as a positive and prideful descriptor. Please do not use this term to refer to other fat folks without their consent.

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Freya Raccooncat

A very fat, raccooncat lady with creamy-brown fur and pink hair down to her shoulders. She's wearing a midi-dress and standing with her cane. Her eyes are a light green, and her dress is an light blue.

Portrait by Mirina

๐Ÿ’œ: (she/her) Hello! I'm a fat, pagan, raccooncat lady. My fur is light-brown and creamy-brown, my hair is pink, and I'm 5'3". I'm a lover of dresses and skirts, cheese, and cheesecake. I'm a devotee of Freyja, and I'm so thankful that she came into my life. I'm proud to be a fat Wisconsin girl!

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Clementine Shark ๐ŸŠ

A very fat, femboy shark looking shy. He's blue-grey and white, with brown, shoulder-length hair. His eyes are green. He's wearing a yellow sundress, and a sun hat with a pink ribbon.

Art by Clementine Shark

๐ŸŠ: (he/him) Hi! I'm a fat, fruity, femboy shark, and I love wearing dresses! My favorites are the kinds usually seen during summer. I still like being called a guy and other "boy-related" terms, but adjectives like 'pretty' are always appreciated when it comes to my style and body ๐Ÿงก

My favorite color is pink, and I especially love it for clawpolish ๐Ÿงก


Femboy pride flag (Hot pink, soft pink, white, blue, white, soft pink, hot pink)

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Demon Dog

A very fat demon dog grilling and drinking beer on the beach. He's wearing a black, short sleeve button up with a donut pattern and a white swim brief. His belly hangs out of his shirt and over the front of his swim brief. He's smiling excitedly at the hot dogs and burgers he's cooking over charcoal.

Art by Demon Dog

๐Ÿ”ฅ: (he/it) I'm a fat demon dog with a big, hot dad-bod. I'm trans. I'm 6'7" and 400 pounds. My fur is brown, and I have glowing, bright-red irises. My hair is shorter and matches my fur color. I have black horns. I like maleness, and I have my own demon dog style gender. I'm always masculine.

Cherry Opossum

A very fat, shortstack, opossum lady from the front. She has reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. She's wearing a pink flannel and black skirt. Her flannel is untucked, and her belly is hanging over her skirt.

Art by Heatherhorns

๐ŸŒธ: (she/her) Hi y'all! I'm an opossum lady and fat bitch~

I'm 4'0", and my weight is about 340~ pounds. Some clothes I like are cardigans, flannels , and skirts. I prefer leaving everything else visible from the front, nude neck-to-belly, but a buttoned flannel is good enough when I have to cover up a little more. My hair is longer, and it's a mix of brown and red. Same-colored fur is present under my navel and all the way down to my crotch. I've also got a particularly big and bappy tail.

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Denise Hyena

A very fat, older, hyena lady doing a three card tarot draw on the couch. Her deck is on the arm of the couch. She's wearing a sea blue cardigan, a creamy white sports bra, and an orange skirt. She has white, half-lens reading glasses, an assortment of crystal bead necklaces and bracelets, and an amethyst necklace. She looks content.

Icon by Denise Hyena

(she/her) Hi! My name is Denise, and I'm a fat, older hyena lady at around 5'0" and 430 pounds. My fur is the standard hyena-brown, my hair is cream, and my eyes are amber. I like earrings and other jewelry and accessories, especially if they have crystals. My current favorites are quartzes and marbled minerals like lapis lazuli or turquoise. I like earthy colored clothes, and my preferred outfits involve longer skirts and cardigans.